Through Baptism, God our Father brings a baby, child or adult into his royal family, adopting the person as his own beloved daughter or son. We become the brother or sister of Jesus Christ, and of our fellow Christians. Baptism is very much a family affair, a special day both for the child’s family and for the family of the Church, and it needs careful preparation.

Baptism preparation at St Augustine’s involves two sessions which take place every other month on Tuesday evenings from 8.00 - 9.30 in the Howell Room. At St Augustine’s we regard these baptism evenings as essential before a baptism can take place. There are leaflets entitled Your Baby’s Baptism at St Augustine’s in the church porch. Contact Jean Dunne who will send you a baptism preparation pack, enrol you for the preparation sessions, and arrange a date for the baptism itself. The deacon or priest appointed to celebrate the baptism will visit you at home to make any arrangements.

You may have either one or two godparents, each of whom must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic. You may also have non-Catholic Christians as witnesses to the Baptism.

Every Baptism involves the Church, and the whole parish community should be involved as fully as possible. Baptisms take place at a service on Saturdays at 12 noon or Sundays at 12.45 p.m. to which parishioners are also invited. There can be no such thing as a private Baptism: that would contradict the whole meaning of Baptism. We would like publicly to welcome your child into our parish community at Mass the following Sunday or soon afterwards.

If you are a couple or individual expecting a baby, you are warmly invited to ask for a blessing for your unborn child and yourselves.