Charismatic Prayer Group

St Augustine's Prayer Group was founded by a Sister of the Sacred Heart Convent over 30 years ago and has continued to meet each week for prayer and praise ever since. The group seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit whose first gift is the experience that God loves each person and wants each one to grow in a living relationship of prayer with the Lord Jesus.

Charismatic Renewal is a worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit that has touched all denominations. It is a sovereign action of the Blessed Trinity in the Church.

Everyone is welcome on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm in St Augustine's Church to enjoy a time of friendship and joy in the Lord. The prayer group also hosts Prayer and Praise evenings usually held on the second Tuesday of each month, and Days of Renewal. Many inspired leaders and speakers have led these sessions, including the Friars of the Renewal, Joe Dalton, Marino Restreppo, Gulshan Esther and Fr Mark White. Music is an important and joyful element of these meetings, when between 50-150 people attend.

The group meets in the church every Tuesday evening at 8 pm. - All are welcome.