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Christmas Service Times

Saturday 21st Dec, extended times for reconciliation

from 10.30 am - 1.00 p.m. and from 4 to 5 pm

SUNDAY 22nd  Dec    4th Sunday of Advent

7.15 pm Service of Reconciliation with several priests available.


TUESDAY 24th                                 Christmas Eve

5.30 pm                      First Mass of Christmas with carols

9.30 pm                      Carols and Readings before

10.00 pm                    Mass with carols

Children at all Masses celebrated on Christmas Eve will be asked to bring the infant Jesus from their cribs for blessing

WEDNESDAY 25th                 Christmas Day

 8.00 am                      Mass

 9.30 am                      Family Mass

11.30 am                     Mass with carols

 6.30 pm                      Confessions in Polish

 7.30 pm                      Mass in Polish

                                     MSZA SW godz  19.30

THURSDAY 26th                                 St Stephen

11.00 am           Servers' Mass to welcome new servers and rededicate our current servers.   All parishioners welcome


No Reconciliation today

10.00 am             Mass

5.30 pm               Vigil Mass


8.00 am               Mass

9.30 am               Family Mass

11.15 am             Sung Mass

5.45 pm               Mass