Confirmation is the last of the three sacraments of initiation (the others being Baptism and First Holy Communion). It is the sacrament by which Jesus, through an increase in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, calls you to be a public witness to him before others, as an active and adult member of his Church.

At St Augustine's, we begin Confirmation preparation in Year 10 (around the age of 15), which we feel is late enough to allow our candidates to make an informed choice about whether or not they feel ready to take this very important step.

We ask you to register for the programme in October and there is an introductory meeting for candidates and their parents just before Christmas. The programme itself begins in January (we meet on Friday evenings, between 7.30 and 9.00) and runs until the Confirmation service itself in June, where our candidates make their confirmation before the Bishop (and have an excellent party in the hall afterwards). Included in the programme is a weekend away together after Easter (usually at Worth Abbey).

Every year candidates tell us how much they enjoy the programme (often a lot more than they expected to!) and we make sure that all of the activities in our weekly meetings are interesting and fun. We encourage debate, discussion and questioning, using group work, quizzes and drama to bring the different subjects to life.

Over the course of the programme we learn about:

The programme is also an excellent place for you to meet up with other Catholics from other schools and backgrounds, and we know that many lasting friendships have begun in our group.

Guidance and encouragement are very important and we ask family, friends and teachers to become actively involved in supporting our candidates throughout the programme. Confirmation is, after all, a public sacrament and is therefore something that we all, as a Catholic community, celebrate together.