Holy orders

Holy Orders

In the midst of the Church, the Risen Jesus calls some men to be sacramental signs of his own living presence as our Shepherd and Leader, our Teacher and High Priest. The ordained ministry is vital to the life of the Church, and our faith is that Jesus continues to call people to service as priests and deacons. If you are a boy or unmarried man, could it be that you are being called to be a priest of Jesus Christ in his Church? Priestly ministry involves sacrifice and life-long commitment, but there is tremendous joy and fulfilment to be found in serving the people of God in the name of our Lord. Come and talk to one of our priests. For more information on the priestly ministry, click www.ukpriest.org . For a look at the web site of St John's Seminary, Wonersh, the seminary for our local diocese, click www.wonersh.org .