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Advent at St Augustine's

2nd December 2018

Come along to one or all of our late afternoon Advent services which start at 4 pm.  They don't last very long, usually about 30 minutes or so. The church will be dimly lit, with candles providing a gentle light.  Sit back and listen to timeless readings and sing beautiful Advent carols. Reflect and focus on what is TRULY important at this time - preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ.  Each...
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Virtual Prayer Group

18th February 2015

In today's busy world it is not always easy to find time to pray and joining a group to pray together can sometimes be nigh impossible - either because of  leading hectic lives or you're housebound or too remote from the parish - but you would like to be part of a group - praying together - for each other and with each other. Maybe the Virtual Prayer Group is an answer to your prayers!! ...
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