mary of inclusive love 2

Mary of the Inclusive Love

The statue of Mary of the Inclusive Love is a gift to the parish from Bishop Kike, and was blessed by him after Benediction during his visit to the parish in May 2014.  The wood carving is full of symbolism. 

Mary holds Jesus with open arms welcoming all who wish to draw near, both of them with a disarming smile. In the middle of the figure are two children; one holds a book symbolizing wisdom, the other plays the flute putting together art, music and tradition in praising God.

In the lower part are three children; one child gives a hug of welcome, a sign of solidarity to include two other disabled children. One child is on a wheelchair holding a dove to represent peace and the other child uses a crutch and holds flowers; a sign of love and God's greatest commandment - Love one another as I have loved you. The crutch and the wheelchair are like a sacrament that gives them back their dignity and makes communion between disable and non-disabled.

The cloak of Our Lady which surrounds them all symbolizes the family we belong to in the church. We are all included under this cloak. We are all under the love of God. We are all creatures made as an image of God, the supreme master builder. At the bottom of the image are lotus flowers, the most emblematic flower in Cambodia as a symbol of glory, purity and holiness.

All these wooden statues are carved by disabled Cambodian artists; this also shows that we can all help each other in bringing the love of God that Jesus­ brings to our Iives, no matter our condition.  We are all creatures made as an image of God, the supreme master builder.