Mothers prayers

Mothers Prayers

Mothers Prayers was launched in England in 1995. There was felt to be a growing need to pray in a more committed way in order to combat the problems facing our children. A prayer group may be started with only two mothers and with a maximum of eight. Usually members meet every week. They obey the strict rule of confidentiality and anything that is said at the meeting must never be repeated.

At our meetings we use a small table on which we place a cross to remind us of Jesus the Redeemer, a candle- Jesus the Light of the World and a Bible – Jesus the Living World – and a small basket at the foot of the cross in which we put the names of our children and grandchildren, surrendering them into Jesus’ care.

We meet in St Augustine’s Church  at 10.45am every Tuesday  in Meeting Room 3.

If you wish to start a prayer group please contact Mothers Prayers in Sevenoaks.
They will advise, and give you all the literature and prayer books.
Mothers Prayers of the Solace Community,
PO Box 416, Sevenoaks, Kent.
TN14 6WE.  Tel No: 01959 532505   Email: