Music Group

The Music Group supports the 9.30am Parish Mass each Sunday morning, and a number of our parish liturgies throughout the year including the First Holy Communion Masses, and our Christmas and Easter celebrations. In supporting these liturgies, we seek to be as inclusive as possible, to nurture the sung prayer, and encourage the gathered community to express our faith in song.

At its best, music transforms liturgy into a dynamic celebration: available to all, excluding none - bringing God alive and kicking into the heart of our community. We strive to achieve this through our ministry here in our church. The group is blessed with a range (in age and ability!) of vocal and instrumental musicians prepared to make the commitment to a weekly practice, and to the various liturgies we are asked to support. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the group for this commitment throughout the year - for their co-operation, patience and enthusiastic willingness to learn.

Anyone interested in joining our group can make contact with me after Mass, by telephone on TW 863728, or via e-mail at