Virtual Prayer Group

In today's busy world it is not always easy to find time to pray and joining a group to pray together can sometimes be nigh impossible - either because of  leading hectic lives or you're housebound or too remote from the parish - but you would like to be part of a group - praying together - for each other and with each other. Maybe the Virtual Prayer Group is an answer to your prayers!!  From the beginning of Lent                  St Augustine's newest prayer group ( The Virtual Prayer Group) will 'live'. Visitors will be able to leave a prayer request or take note of any requests for prayer.  Our parish web site will have the facility for leaving prayer requests and the facility for all interested to be part of the virtual prayer group.

If you don't have Internet access you can also be a member of the virtual prayer group by collecting the list of prayer requests for the week, or they might be delivered when you receive Holy Communion at home.

This means you can pray at your preferred time each day by using either Internet (or printed version) to see what the prayer intentions are for that day and to join your prayers with others from the comfort of your home, train, bus stop, lunch break.

Everyone can add their prayer requests either online, or by requests handed in (slipped under the door) or phoned into office. Anonymity will be maintained. The Prayer Request Book in the Narthex will be included with a request to pray for the intentions in the book.

Please see the leaflet available for full details.

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