Parish receives Live Simply Award

The CAFOD live simply award supports and encourages communities to put their faith into practical action.  To gain an award a parish must demonstrate at least nine ways in which it is putting into practice the three principles:-

  1. To live simply is to take only what we need from the earth, not to demand more and more.
  2. To live sustainably is to take account of the impact of our choices on other people and on the earth that nourishes us.
  3. To live in solidarity with those living in poverty is to make a strong and lasting commitment   to the common good so that all people can live life to the full.

St. Augustine's are proud to have been recognised as a parish worthy of this award. On 6th Dec, St Augustine's parish welcomed Archbishop Peter Smith to celebrate the 11:15 Mass and present the live simply award.

There was refreshments in the hall afterwards.  




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