Recorded Talks

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Seminar 1 - God’s Love - Fr Stephen Wymer

Picture of Fr Stephen Wymer 

 God is not someone who lives far away. He loves us unconditionally and wants us to be in a personal relationship with him like a son or a daughter. 



Seminar 2 - Salvation - Archbishop (Emeritus) Kevin McDonald

Picture of Archbishop Kevin McDonald 

  Sadly, the recording failed because mic was faulty




Seminar 3 - New Life - Barbara Onuongo

Picture of Barbara Onuonga 

If you are open to receiving God's Holy Spirit you will experience a new kind of life - become a changed person - our faith becomes real.



Seminar 4 - Receiving God’s Gift - Gerard Pomfret

Picture of Gerard Pomfret


 Ask God to prepare you, he loves you and he will do it, but we have to turn to  Jesus to receive God's gifts. 



Seminar 5 - Renewal in the Holy Spirit - Michelle Moran

Picture of Michelle Moran 

 We all know the problem of trying to live out our Christian calling in our own strength. God's answer is to enlist the help of the Holy Spirit. 



Seminar 6 - Growth - Charles Whitehead

Picture of Charles Whitehead 

 Prayer is important. It is the lifting up of the heart and mind to God. A Bible is essential because through it we will hear God speaking to us. 



Seminar 7 - Transformation in Christ - Fr Mark White CP

Fr Mark White 

As we are refreshed in the Trinity of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit we undergo inner transformation.