Skills and Interests

In November 2015, the Parish undertook a survey of the skills and talents of parishioners. The objective of this was for the Church to be aware of these skills and interests and at the appropriate time seek, request and possibly benefit from the knowledge and resourcefulness of one or more parishioners.

Our needs cover a wide spectrum, more than most would imagine and we can benefit from any skill whether a profession, a trade or a vocation. For example the Church may need a Surveyor, Plumber or Electrician to ask questions about the property, a Photographer, a Seamstress or Tailor, a programmer who can develop further the Parish database, a counsellor to speak to organised groups, a project manager to supervise small building works, a team leader to assist our Youth Leader and many more.

Perhaps your circumstances or skills and talents have changed - if so please let us know.

If you would like to update your skills and interest form please see Skills and Interests form