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Life in the Spirit Seminars

Fr. Peter Stodart, Parish Priest of St Augustine's Tunbridge Wells writes:Fr Peter Stodart

On behalf of St Augustine's parish, I welcome
you most warmly to our Life in the Spirit Seminars.

The seminars are a spiritual journey led over
seven weeks by a variety of experienced speakers. This is a special time
creating space for us to think about our faith and its place in our lives.

What could the seminars mean for you?

If you come regularly to St Augustine's, they will be an opportunity to deepen your faith. If you've lost contact with the Catholic Church, they may be an opportunity for a new beginning. If you are already a Christian, come and join us as we travel together. If you are searching for meaning and purpose, come and consider Jesus' life and teaching and how we worship as a community.

The seminars provide the framework for all of us to reflect on our lives, renew our relationship with God and to rejoice in the hope we have already been given through Jesus our Lord. There is a lot going on as you will see below. You are warmly invited to attend all or as many of the seminars as you wish

Pope Francis has urged clergy to provide Life In The Spirit Seminars. Addressing a worldwide retreat for clergy, the Pope said, ‘.... I ask each and all of you that as part of the current of grace of Charismatic Renewal you organise seminars of Life in the Spirit in your parishes and seminaries, schools, in neighbourhoods, to share Baptism in the Spirit'.

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