Street Pastors

On busy weekend nights in Tunbridge Wells, Street Pastors go out in the town from 10pm to 4am, to listen to and care for anyone who may be in need of some help.  We look out for anyone who has had too much to drink, or been separated from their friends, or maybe lost their mobile phone.  We famously give out flip-flops to girls who really can't manage on their high heels any more!  Very often we are just a listening ear to young people who tell us about a difficult situation in their lives.  Sometimes they'll just give us a hug because they're happy.  We are there to offer God's love non-judgementally and to be a peaceful presence on the streets.  We have the full endorsement of the police and the local Council.

All the time Street Pastors are out, a team of Prayer Pastors back at base is praying for us and for the people and situations we encounter.  They are an essential part of the ministry.  They also make us a very welcome hot drink half way through the night!

Street Pastors are made up of volunteers from 25 different Christian churches in Tunbridge Wells.  After thorough training, we work in teams of four or five, and our rota requires us to be out once a month.  We are part of a national initiative, started initially in London in 2003 by Les Isaac, and now present in 270 towns across the UK. You can visit the Street Pastors website at

It is a wonderful privilege to be able to serve God in this way in our community, to be His church in action on the streets.  There's a great spirit amongst all the teams, and it's such a fruitful opportunity to work together with other churches in the town.

We always need more Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors. If you would like to join us, or just find out more, please talk to one of our Street Pastors, details available from the Church office, or alternatively email the Tunbridge Wells Street Pastors co-ordinator at